Invasive Aedes Mosquito Discovered in Long Beach for First Time 2017

Two invasive Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes were discovered for the first time in Long Beach last week. The Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District (District) joined a dozen members of the Long Beach Health Department (LBHD) in going door to door for property inspections in North Long Beach. To further address this threat, the LBHD is collaborating with the District on mosquito surveillance, public education awareness, and spraying and treatment.
While this marks the first time an invasive Aedes mosquito has been found within the District’s boundaries, the invasive Aedes mosquito has been present in Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley for the past five years and are present in every California county from Los Angeles in the north to San Diego in the south.
This is a matter of personal responsibility - since the District can’t inspect every property, we need the Community to help step up as well. The District stresses that while people should be concerned, they should also be aware and take these extra steps to protect themselves from mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit such as Dengue fever, Chikungunya Fever, West Nile Virus, and the Zika virus:
Dump and drain all standing water on your property
Stay indoors during dawn and dusk 
Wear approved insect repellant when outdoors
Ensure all screens are in good repair to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home