State and Federal General funding impact Special Districts around the Nation

As a special district in the state of California our agency relies directly on general fund money provided to us through tax payers in our cities. Each parcel is required to pay into this tax fund that pays for our general management, board, staff, and independent contractors. This year through an intensive case study we’ve added to our budget through surveying the Compton Creek which is the largest mosquito hazard in the Southern California region that gains weeds, sediment, and often times piles of build of trash blocking the flow of water causing a breeding site for mosquitoes. Through this we found ways as a district to gain access to surplus funds to clean the creek and keep the residents informed and safe with the proper use of these allocated funds. We want to thank our Independent contractor Imperial Brothers and their team for their diligence in this survey of the Compton Creek showing everyone our ability as one of the special districts in Mosquito authority. #FightTheBite #California