Compton Celebrates Mosquito Awareness Day, Already Planning for 2018

Compton Celebrate Mosquito Awareness Day 2017, Already Planning for 2018

Our mission at the Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District (District) is to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare from mosquito-borne diseases. A critical element in the success of our mission is through partnerships with local communities to ensure that they are educated, engaged, and aware of the dangers that mosquitoes can pose.

As part of this larger public engagement, the District recently partnered with local public, corporate, and non-profit entities to hold an annual Mosquito Awareness Day as an important, informative public education event.

Our 2017 event, held at Charles Bursch Elementary School in Compton, was a rousing success, with over three-hundred student participants, all of whom received a free meal, educational materials, and fun promotional items such as shirts and tote bags. The event itself was highly interactive and designed to engage students, with several hands-on stations where they could learn about the life cycle of mosquitoes and even included an insect, reptile, and animal petting zoo.

By educating the public about the need to act before this problem worsens, the District plays a vital role as a source for the latest information about this threat. It offers practical – and accessible – materials to give residents the guidance they want and the peace of mind they have a right to enjoy.

We’ve already started planning our 2018 Mosquito Awareness Day, which will be held at W.H. Longfellow Elementary school sometime next spring.

Only by working together can our communities tackle and mitigate the threat of mosquitoes, and the diseases they carry, to improve the quality of life for all residents. Public engagement events are one of our many tools to help grow robust partnerships and events at schools are particularly valuable as they give us the opportunity to reach and recruit the next wave of leaders and scientists to help guard against this public health crisis.

If you or your organization would like to be involved for our 2018 event, please reach out to us at (310) 933-5321 or visit our website at