First Case of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus Confirmed in LA County

In early January 2018, Los Angeles County Health Officials confirmed the County’s first case of the Zika virus that had been transmitted sexually. The case involved a woman who was infected by her partner after returning from traveling in Mexico, considered to be a high-risk country for the disease.

County officials are reminding residents to take precautions during sex, or avoid sex, if you or your partner have traveled to an area with a risk of Zika. Officials are also warning residents traveling to high-risk Zika areas to wear mosquito repellant as well as long sleeves and pants for protection.

The Zika virus, which can produce birth defects in new-born infants, is most commonly transmitted by mosquitoes but can also be transmitted through sex, although it is much rarer.

Since 2015, there have been 122 cases of Zika infection in Los Angeles County – in all but one of these cases the virus was acquired while traveling to areas where Zika is spreading. County officials stress that there are no mosquitoes carrying the virus in L.A. County or in California.

Most people who are infected with the Zika virus don’t show any symptoms. Common symptoms that may appear include a fever, rash, or muscle pain that last for about a week.

For more information on keeping yourself, and our communities, safe from the Zika virus please reach out to one of the public agencies below:

Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District ( – (310) 933-5321

Long Beach Department of Public Health ( – (562) 570-4000

Los Angeles Department of Public Health ( – (213) 240-7941