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These plants will help you keep the mosquitoes away

The snow birds are gone, the temperatures are rising and the rains are here — sure signs that summer is here.

This means the year round residents of south Florida begin to retake paradise.

But this year I think the mosquitoes have re-taken paradise. Getting ready to work outside in the garden is like getting ready for battle. So here are a few mosquito repelling plants to help us enjoy the outdoors just a little more...
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Announcement: Temporary Total Depletion of US Licensed Yellow Fever

Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of the only yellow fever vaccine (YF-Vax) licensed in the United States, announced on February 22, 2018, that YF-Vax for civilian use is expected to be available from the manufacturer again by the end of 2018. However, YF-VAX might be available at some clinics, until remaining supplies at those sites are used up. Sanofi Pasteur applied and received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration
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The Flu Vaccine Is Working Better Than Expected, C.D.C. Finds

The flu vaccine is more effective than expected, federal health officials said on Thursday at a special news conference held to discuss the dangerous flu season, which is expected to kill more than 50,000 Americans.

This year’s vaccine is about 25 percent effective against the H3N2 strain of flu that is causing most illnesses and deaths, said Dr. Anne Schuchat, acting director of the Centers for Disease Control...
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