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School Education Program

Middle School Program

The Compton Creek Mosquito Abatement District offers a comprehensive Mosquito education program designed for students in 7th grade Life-Sciences classes. This program consists of hands-on activities involving live mosquitoes and information on the mosquito anatomy, lifecycle, habitat, food sources, disease transmission and the role that students can play in helping to protect their communities from mosquito-borne diseases. All materials presented and provided are compliant with the California Department of Education Science Content Standards Curriculum and Common Core.

The District is a devoted advocate in providing opportunities for the school children of the District by teaching and sharing this important information of mosquito control. By offering this Middle School program, it will enable students to learn elemental biology and give them an early opportunity to work and better their communities through the prevention of mosquito breeding and disease transmission and it will provide them insights into career paths involving entomology, epidemiology and any other science or biology related field.

The District’s Mosquito School program consists of the following items:

  • A Powerpoint presentation of mosquitoes covering life-cycles, biology and ability to transmit diseases
  • Emergence jars with live stages of the mosquito lifecycle
  • Insect trays with mosquitoes and insects found in and out of Los Angeles County
  • ‘Vector Inspector’ workbook for students
  • West Nile virus flyers in English and Spanish for students to take home for their families
  • ‘Mosquito checklist” to be filled out by each student
  • A ‘Vector Inspector’ stick-on badge for each student
  • Official Compton Creek MAD mosquito swatter
  • Temporary mosquito tattoos

District personnel can provide this educational program for all seventh grade students in the school district. Please contact the District at (310) 933-5321 to make an appointment.

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