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These 4 factors draw mosquitoes to some people more than others - New Day NW

May contain: animal, insect, invertebrate, and mosquito

So what are the factors that make some people more susceptible to being bitten by mosquitoes? According to Riffell and his team's findings, there are four:
1. Your breath: it doesn’t mean you have bad breath. Humans naturally exhale CO2 and while we don’t notice it, mosquitos find it irresistible. It attracts them from 100 feet away
2. Your sweat: what’s more irresistible than the water vapor from our sweat? This is a close-range cue
3. Your skin temperature: they ultimately use it to decide where and when to bite.
4. Color: mosquitos gravitate towards certain colors, one of them being a red-orange-like color, which is the color they see human skin as. They don’t see skin pigmentation, just the red-orange color they like so much.

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